Game tutorial10


If you can’t pick a card, make sure that the spinner is reset by closing the previously selected habit card with the ‘X.’

sort tutorial9

To return to the “Home” screen, tap “Back” at the top-left corner.

Sort tutorial8

To exit a particular sort, tap “Back” at the top-left corner.

View the habits tutorial1

Overview: In this section, you can scroll to see all the Habits of a Systems Thinker cards and see a larger view of the front and back of any card.

Sort tutorial6

When done, you can share via email with the share button.You can also reset to start over again.

Sort tutorial5

One by one, drag the cards to either column. You can skip a card by tapping “Next Card.”

Sort tutorial4

The habits cards appear in a stack at the top (portrait mode) or side (landscape mode).

Sort tutorial3

Select the desired sort activity by tapping that icon.

Sort tutorial1


The “Sort” activity allows you to place the cards in two different columns, based on a specific prompt. For example, you can sort the cards based on habits that you are practicing and habits that you are not practicing.

shop icon tutorial3

Volume discounts are available and are listed in the product descriptions.The discounts will be applied when products are added to the shopping cart. To get the “mix and match” option for volume discounts, please order directly from the Waters Foundation website.

Shop icon tutorial1


The “Shop” section allows you to purchase materials directly from the Waters Foundation.