Connect tutorial10


  1. If no line appears after tapping two habits, try repeating the process. Sometimes, a light tap may not register on the device.
  2. If you cannot select “Ready to Connect,” make sure you have placed six habits onto the grid.
  3. If you cannot save, make sure you have given your connection file a name.
  4. If you have difficulty hiding the keyboard, try these options.
  • Look for a key that says “Done.”
  • Look for a key showing the keyboard with an arrow.
  • Try tapping “Return.”
  • As a last resort, tap the “Back” button.

Connect tutorial9

To return to the “Home” screen, tap “Back” at the top-left corner.

Connect tutorial9

To exit a particular connection without saving, tap “Back” at the top-left corner.

Connect tutorial8

To view or update a connection, tap its title.

To delete a connection, tap the “X.”

Connect tutorial7

When done, you can choose to save your connection. First give your file a name in the “Connection Name” field and then tap the “Save” button.

You will be returned to the main connection screen where you can see your newly saved connection with the date saved.

Connect tutorial6

To connect two habits, tap any two habits on the grid in sequence. A line should appear connecting them.

To remove a a line, tap the two habits in sequence that are currently connected. The line should disappear.

Connect tutorial5

Drag six habits onto the grid. You must fill all the spaces, even if you only want to connect a few.

Note: if you are using a small device and would like to see the cards in a larger format, you’ll need to return to the “View the Cards” section.

When ready, tap the “Ready to Connect” button.

Connect tutorial2


When considering how to solve a particular problem, first select the habits that you want to focus on, then think about how they might impact one another. For example, “If I want to see the big picture of this problem, I should make sure to seek out different perspectives.”

Connect tutorial1


The “Connect” activity allows you to choose six habits you think are related to one another in some way and draw lines to connect them together.