Game tutorial10


If you can’t pick a card, make sure that the spinner is reset by closing the previously selected habit card with the ‘X.’

Game tutorial9

To return to the “Home” screen, tap “Back” at the top-left corner.

Game tutorial7

To exit a particular game, tap “Back” at the top-left corner.

Game tutorial8

For the “Make Your Own” section, only the spinner is available. Before spinning, create your own question or challenge.

Game tutorial6

When done with the challenge, tap the “X” at the top-right of the spinner area. The deck will be ready for you to select another card.

Game tutorial5

When the wheel stops, answer the challenge question, given the habit that pops up.

Game tutorial4

Tap the deck to select a card and start the wheel spinning.

game tutoial1


The Spin game provides challenges for you to answer in connection with a particular habit that is selected by the wheel. It includes specific subject-area contexts, a general context that combines all other contexts, and a make-your-own section.