notes tutorial8

To return to the “Home” screen, tap “Back” at the top-left corner.

notes tutorial7

To exit a particular note without saving, tap “Back” at the top-left corner.

To share a note you previously saved, tap the share icon.

notes tutorial6

To view or update a note, tap its title.

To delete a note, tap the “X.”

notes tutorial5

When done, you can choose to save your note. Tap “Save” to save your reflection.

You will be returned to the main notes screen where you can see your newly saved note with the date saved.

notes tutorial4

Scroll to view the habits and then tap the habit you would like to reflect upon.

Tap the “Enter notes title” and give your note a title.

Tap the large box below the title to write your note.

notes tutorial1


The “Notes” section allows you to select a particular Habit of a Systems Thinker and save an image of that habit onto a screen with your own notes.