Action Research Process – Developing and Clarifying Your Question

1. What is the focus of my action research?

2. What student behaviors related to my focus will I expect to see and hear?

3. A draft of my action research question is:

4. Review and reflect on action research question criteria:

    • Significance: Does my question focus on teaching practices and¬†learning that will have an impact on student behavior or achievement?

    • Clarity: Does my question accurately convey the focus and scope of my research?

    • Measurability: Will I be able to generate data that address the intent of my question?

    • Manageability: Have I considered the time constraints and viability of sustaining this long-term investigation? Is it either too broad or too narrow?

    • Context: Is my question embedded in my day-to-day work rather than an extra project added to my existing responsibilities?

5.  A modified draft of my action research question is:

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