African American History: The Fight for Equal Rights


African American History: The fight for equal rights


S.S.-Freedom Rides and Sit-Ins


4th Grade

Overview: I used a book called Freedom Rides and Sit-Ins.  After reading a few pages to the class I showed them a photograph of people sitting at the counter in a restaurant.  All of the people around them were dumping sugar, coffee, ketchup, etc all over the people while they sat there silently in protest.  I had the kids pretend they were both the people protesting and the people harassing the protesters.  It was a great discussion in my classroom, and I have been able to use it in other situations.

ST Concepts & Habits

Habits of a Systems Thinker:

  • Changes perspectives to increase understanding

ST Tools



Democratic Society – Recognize and give examples of the tensions between the wants and needs of individuals and groups and concepts such as fairness, equity, and justice.

Implemented by: Nick Proud

Submitted by: Cheryl Kiburz

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