Air and Weather


Air and Weather




Second Grade

Overview: During our weather unit, students were keeping weather journals in which they recorded daily temperatures, air pressure, wind speeds, precipitation, cloud types, etc.  To expand on looking at patterns and trends in our weather as a system, I prepared some fictitious “weather over time graphs” that showed temperature changes, rainfall, and air pressure over several days.  Students took turns coming up to the graphs with a pointer stick to talk about what the weather was like based on one of the graphs.  They were to talk like a meteorologist using the knowledge they had gained during our weather unit to explain what the graph told about the weather.  For example when talking about the temperature warming up they might add that high pressure moved in bringing sunny skies along with those warm temps. Or, when using the rainfall graph, they might add that low pressure brought stratus clouds filled with rain.  Their comments would reflect when, and why the weather changed.

ST Concepts & Habits

Habits of a systems thinker:

  • Seeks to understand the big picture

  • Observes how elements within systems change over time, generating patterns and trends

  • Identifies the circular nature of complex cause and effect relationships

ST Tools

  • Behavior Over Time Graphs


Science as Inquiry:
Uses observing, comparing, organizing, and communication in scientific inquiry.

Earth and Space Science:
Basic Tools can be used for gathering information about weather.  Weather changes over time.  Air has properties.

Implemented by: Linda Bubon

Submitted by: Cheryl Kiburz

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