Character Comparison Using the Ladder of Inference


After reading two different versions of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears,” students will create two ladders of inference to analyze the characters’ actions.

Lesson Objectives

Curriculum Context


  • Students will describe what a specific character is thinking.
  • Students will compare and analyze the actions of two main characters.


Arizona Early Learning Standards

Approaches to learning: Strand 5 Reasoning and problem solving, Concept 1 Reasoning

The child demonstrates the ability to analyze situations in order to form judgments.

Language and literacy: Strand 2 Emergent literacy, Concept 5 Comprehension

The child shows an interest in books and comprehends books read aloud with increasing text complexity.

  • Surfaces and test assumptions
  • changes perspectives
  • mental models



Systems Tools

  • Two different versions of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” (Dusty Locks and the Three Bears; Somebody and the Three Blairs)
  • markers
  • paper

Two 15-20 minute periods

  • Ladder of Inference

Implemented by: Jen Parker

Submitted by: Jen Parker

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