Connections for Comprehension

Topic Connections for Comprhension
Subject Reading or Social Studies
Grades 4th-adult
Overview: In this reading comprehension lesson, students will use behavior-over-time graphs (BOTGs), causal loop diagrams (CLDs), and “Iceberg thinking” to examine and analyze an excerpt from the book, Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH by Robert C. O’Brien.

The basic framework of this lesson may be used to investigate dynamic elements of any reading materials, including literature books and short stories, articles from magazines or newspapers, and/or social studies textbooks and other non-fiction writings.

ST Concepts & Habits Concepts:

  • Change over time
  • Interdependencies
  • Feedback
  • Leverage
  • Accumulations

Habits of a systems thinker:

  • Considers short and long-term consequences of actions
ST Tools BOTGs, CLDs, Iceberg diagram
Standards Students use the general skills and strategies of the reading process.
Students comprehend, interpret, evaluate, and appreciate a variety of classic and contemporary literary texts employing skills, strategies, and knowledge.

Implemented by: Julie Guerrero and Joan Scurran

Submitted by: Catalina Foothills School District

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