Finding Courage Using a Stock/Flow Map




Language Arts



Overview: This lesson series strengthens students’ reading comprehension by requiring them to read an independent text and share a summary of that text with an audience for a specific purpose. Theses lessons were used to introduce the stock/flow diagram, which was later used by these students as a tool to share findings from their individual research. Examining a thematic issue such as courage from multiple sources and perspectives gave students sufficient common content to apply the stock/flow map as a generic literature tool.

ST Concepts & Habits

Habits of a Systems Thinker:

  • Surfaces and tests assumptions

  • Changes perspectives to increase understanding

ST Tools

  • Stock/Flow maps

  • Behavior–over–time graphs


  • Relate information and events in a reading selection to life experiences and life experiences to the text.

  • Identify cause and effect of specific events in a literary selection

  • Ask relevant questions in order to comprehend text

Implemented by: Sheri Marlin

Submitted by: Borton Elementary School

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