Mammoth Extinction Model


Mammoth Extinction Model


Math, Science or Social Studies


3th – 6th

Overview: Using a computer model of the population dynamics of a mammoth herd, the teacher and students experiment with birth and death rates of the herd and make predictions about the outcomes.

This activity is an extension to The Mammoth Game lesson (from The Shape of Change, Quaden & Ticotsky) Click here to go to a list of lessons from TheShape of Change including The Mammoth Game.

ST Concepts & Habits


  • Exponential decay

  • Feedback

  • Generic structure

  • Stock/flow diagram

  • Computer Model

 Habits of a systems thinker:

  • seeks to understand the “big picture”

  • surfaces and tests assumptions

  • observes how elements within systems change over time, generating patterns and trends.

  • identifying the circular nature of complex cause and effect relationships, i.e. interdependencies.

ST Tools
  • Behavior-over-time graphs

  • Computer Model


Scientific Inquiry: Make observations. Formulate and express scientific questions or hypotheses to be investigated based on observations.

Scientific Inquiry: Analyze scientific information to develop and present conclusions.

Math: Read, construct, and interpret displays of data using appropriate techniques and technologies

Implemented by: William Thompson

Submitted by: Tim Taber

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