Mangrove Swamp

Iceberg Analysis



Mangrove trees provide shelter and food for all the other organisms living in mangrove swamps. If not for these trees, the environment would slowly die off. The mangrove trees shed their leaves and animals such as shrimp, mudskippers, and other small swamp-dwelling fish use the nutrients of the dead leaves to survive. So if these small organisms die off, the larger organisms such as alligators or crocodiles would die off and so ultimately, it is the mangrove tree leaves that maintains life in these swamps. So if humans continue to remove these trees from their environment, the ecosystem of the mangrove swamp will soon be extinct.


Patterns of Behavior:

The first BOTG is an example of the relationship between fish and crocodiles. The graph displays that the populations are regularly maintained. They show natural ups and downs but there is no natural depletion of the two organisms because nothing is effecting the balance.

The second graph shows the relationship between Mangrove trees and humans. They graph displays the effects of the human presence in their ecosystems which, when they meet, drastically drops. If humans continue to expand into this ecosystem, the ecosystems will deplete. Because humans need to remove the primary producers of the ecosystem, they cause conflict in their natural balance and potentially will extinguish the existence of this ecosystem.


Underlying Structures:

This causal loop displays the relationship between mangrove leaves, shrimp, fish, alligators, crocodiles and humans in the ecosystem of the Mangrove Swamp. It states that if there are more mangrove leaves, then there are more shrimp, and if there are more shrimp then there are more fish and if there are more fish then there are more alligators and crocodiles. It also states that if there are more alligators and crocodiles, there are less fish, which causes more shrimp and less mangrove leaves that sustain the ecosystem. Humans are an added variable to the ecosystem that is throwing it out of balance. Humans are now chopping down the trees so that they can expand their territory and so the ecosystem will eventually die off because of them. Humans are also connected to the lives of alligators because they are hunted and sometimes eaten.

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