Patriots Unite–Changes that Precipitated the Declaration of Independence


Patriots Unite–Changes that precipitated the Declaration of Independence


Social Studies:  the American Revolution


5th or 6th

Overview: Students will identify and categorize the groups of people living in the American Colonies, the changes-over-time that occurred, the geographical and political structures, and the events that precipitated the writing and signing of the Declaration of Independence.  The iceberg visual tool will be used to guide the discussion and for the recording of information.

ST Concepts & Habits


  • Change over time

  • Accumulations

  • Rates of change

  • Interdependencies

ST Tools

  • Iceberg

  • Behavior-over-time graphs

  • Causal loop diagrams


Understand political, religious, and social life in the American colonies

Know the causes of the American Revolution.

Understand how the colonists shared sense of individualism became the foundation for the American Revolution

Implemented by: Diana Clark, Kristi LaFrentz, Barb Snapp

Submitted by: Catalina Foothills School District

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