Schoolwork, Homework, and Grades

Overview: Middle or high school students use a computer simulation in order to understand how their choices regarding completing, doing quality work on, and turning in schoolwork and homework affect the report card grades they receive. Students then use this understanding to evaluate their current academic reality and to make a plan to work toward or maintain a self-selected academic goal.

Lesson Objectives

Curriculum Context


  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of what elements they can control in the system of grades by setting appropriate academic goals for themselves, making a plan to achieve the goals, monitoring their progress toward these goals over the course of the year, and making adjustments as needed.

Cross-curricular lesson, designed for middle and high school students who receive points for schoolwork and homework assignments  

Lifelong Learning Standard and Benchmarks:  Students direct themselves as they strive for personal excellence. 

  • Use strategies to improve performance.

  • Monitor and adjust plans in pursuit of goals. 

  • Persevere, recognizing dissonance  is a part of  learning.

  • Use feedback and self-reflection to make improvements.

  • Interdependencies

  • Feedback

  • Accumulations

  • Short and long-term  


  • Delays

  • Leverage

  • Mental models



Systems Tools

  • Online Homework simulation
    Click here

  • Computers

  • Homework Scenario Handout

  • Assignment grades,  progress report and /or report card information from the first grading period

  • 3-3.5 hours shortly after the first grading period of the year.

  • Approximately two hours should be invested later in  the year.

  • Behavior-Over-Time 


  • Causal Loops

  • Iceberg

  • Computer Simulation

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