Six Steps

Overview: The process outlined in the strategy plan is intended to help groups utilize a structured problem-solving process for digging deeper into organizational problems.  The process includes graphing changes over time, creating a diagram of the interrelationships between aspects of the problem, and determining potential interventions.

Strategy Objectives

Organizational Context


  • Participants will demonstrate a shared understanding of:

  • Changes over time which have affected current conditions

  • Interrelationships contributing

    to current conditions

  • Dynamics of the problem being addressed

This process can be used in groups of all sizes from small task groups to entire staff groups. Larger groups may require additional steps to allow for sharing between groups and additional consensus building.

  • behavior over time

  • structure creates behavior

  • interdependence

  • leverage



Systems Tools

  • Worksheets

  • Whiteboard or overhead projector

  • Markers

2-4 hours

  • Behavior-over-time graph

  • Causal loop diagram

  • Stock/Flow diagram 



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