Understanding the Constitutional Convention


Understanding the Constitutional Convention


Social Studies


Middle School

Overview/Summary: Students worked in groups of five to complete the “Five Easy Pieces” activity from The Systems Thinking Playbook (Booth Sweeney and Meadows). Analysis of the resulting team dynamics and interactions helped students explore how collaboration and compromise may have occurred within the Constitutional Convention.

ST Concepts & Habits


  • Interdependencies

Habits of a systems thinker:

  • Recognizes that a systems’ structure generates its behavior: focuses on structure not on blame

  • Considers an issue fully and resists the urge to come to a quick conclusion

ST Tools

Kinesthetic activity


Students understand the human experience through time; interpret historical events; and make connections among people and events.

Students understand the ideals, rights, and responsibilities of citizenship and know how governments are formed and function.

  • Understand philosophies and concepts of American government as expressed in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

Implemented by: Jeff Wadman

Submitted by: Anne LaVigne

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