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The Habit-Forming Guide to Becoming a Systems Thinker


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The Habit-Forming Guide to Becoming a Systems Thinker, written by Tracy Benson, Ed.D. and Sheri Marlin, M.Ed.,  is an accessible and hands-on guide for applying systems thinking to education, business, leadership, parenting, citizenship and much more.

In the simplest terms, systems thinking is a way of seeing the world in motion, recognizing that the big picture is a web of factors that interact to create patterns and change over time.  It’s a catalyst for learning and leadership – in the classroom, the boardroom or around the kitchen table.

Whether you are just starting out or are well on your way, this book will deliver benefits to anyone who wants to make a positive difference using the habits and tools of systems thinking now and in the future.


The book is 8.5 x 11 inches, coil bound and includes a full set of the Habits of a Systems Thinker cards.


$45 per book.

A $5 discount per book will apply on orders over 10.  Contact to receive a discount code before placing your order.



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