Webinar: Systems Thinking In Turkey

Tuesday, June 20, 2017Turkey Webinar

11:00 am ET


Özlem Orçun, Academic Coordinator
Sema Yiğitgil, Elementary School Teacher
Nurdan Ellez, Education Consultant


Join us for this webinar and learn from our colleagues in Turkey as they share their experiences applying systems thinking in the Turkish education system. The following topics will be highlighted:

Singing Frogs

A short tale for kindergarten students about ecosystem written by Özlem Orçun. The narrative is constructed with systems thinking tools (fixes
that fail archetype and ladder of inference) in mind. See how use of the systems thinking tools make this story understandable, even for readers who do not speak Turkish.  This will be a powerful demonstration for teachers applying systems thinking to their own early literacy work.

Arithmetic with stock-flow maps

Last year some classroom teachers used stock-flow maps to introduce addition and subtraction to first graders. Satisfied with their results, they applied the same tool to multiplication with various problem sets. Second grade students, with systems thinking background from previous year, grasped the concept easily and were able to solve relatively difficult problems using stock-flow maps as templates.

Holistic Education Program

Two teachers established an organization for after school activities. This year, they presented their holistic approach on designing after school activities using systems thinking tools. During the webinar they will share some of their results infusing systems thinking into an after school program and sharing the concepts with parents and the community.

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